Product Re-engineering Migration

Adroit Infosystems provides Product Re-engineering and Migration services. Our reengineering & migration services include product and application re-engineering, technology migration and OS migration services.



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Product Re-engineering Services

With product re-engineering services, we help you reevaluate customer needs, visualize product roadmap, re-architect the product and develop it using newer technologies.

Product Implementation

To ensure successful product installation, configuration, and deployment, Adroit Infosystems services apply rigorous process methodologies to your product implementation projects. Every product implementation has 15 – 20 % customization. Adroit Infosystems provides product implementation services, ensuring lower cost with speedy implementation.

Data Adaptation

  • Data mapping services, enabling the structure of the components in accordance with the architects plan
  • Data Warehouse acquisition processes of Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) data from source systems
  • Data conversion to related standard XML formats, enabling Web Services or SOA based system


  • Customer specific workflow and hierarchy implementation
  • Stand-alone modules
  • Addition of features and functionalities as per customers’ requirements
  • Localization and Globalization of GUI


  • Integration with other enterprise systems, which are being used by the end-customers
  • Making standard plug-ins / APIs for other enterprise products used in the customer companies

Leveraging our extensive industry and software technology experience, we at Adroit Infosystems ensure fast, smooth and risk-free product implementation.

Technology Migration Services

We also offer technology migration services, where we follow a well-defined re-engineering process. To ensure scalability of products, we help customers migrating their legacy applications to latest technologies.
We at Adroit Infosystems offer a composite re-engineering architecture only after a thorough analysis and assessment of the existing applications. We effectively combine our Global Product Engineering Deliver Model with our technology expertise and tools, to re-engineer your applications to emerging technologies like .NET and J2EE.