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Learn how we can help you get better results for your medical clinic.

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eClinic - Affordable Excellence in Healthcare Solutions​

eClinic Systems  is a versatile clinic management software tailored for today’s health clinics and solo practitioners. It integrates a plethora of modules, from Patient Care Management and Electronic Medical Records to Radiology and Billing Systems. With such comprehensive features, eClinic Systems ensures seamless operations, optimizing patient care and clinic efficiency.

Available as both On-Premise and Cloud installations, this web-based clinic software is developed based on the best practices around the world, aiming to enhance patient care quality while maximizing efficiency and revenue streams.

We are trusted by 100+ clients in 18 countries across 4 continents. The software is currently available in English, French, and Spanish.

eClinic Systems

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eClinic Systems is flexible. Start with what you need and add more features as you grow.

Clinic Management System Modules

Outpatient Management

Outpatient Management

Outpatient Management Module efficiently handles walk-in patients, schedules appointments, and manages consultations, aiding in providing swift and effective outpatient care.

Billing Module

Billing Management

Billing Management offers real-time tracking of all patient services, encompassing daily room rent, consultation, operation charges, nursing fees, lab tests, imaging services, medication costs, procedures, and more, ensuring comprehensive and accurate patient billing.


Multiple Specialties Templates

The Multiple Specialties Templates feature allows customization for various medical specialties. This provides clinicians from different fields with unique, specialty-specific templates, enhancing workflow efficiency and promoting accurate, comprehensive medical documentation.


Microsoft BI Dashboard

The Microsoft BI Dashboard offers a dynamic view of the clinic's key metrics. Its interactive data visualization allows decision-makers to gain quick insights and make informed decisions to improve operations and patient care.


Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system streamlines patient data management, ensuring seamless access to patient histories, diagnoses, treatments, and more. It fosters a more efficient patient-care environment.

Doctor pushing a patient on wheelchair

Discharge Summary

Discharge Summary feature offers a quick and automated generation of patient summaries post-discharge, which includes all essential laboratory data. It supports customization as per specialty requirements.

Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System (PMS)

Pharmacy Management System (PMS) streamlines pharmacy operations, from medication dispensation to inventory management, enhancing patient safety and improving financial performance within the clinic setting.

Laboratory Information System LIS

Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Laboratory Information System facilitates the seamless management of test workflows, result reporting, and data organization, promoting efficiency in the laboratory operations.

Radiology Module

Radiology Information System (RIS)

Radiology Information System (RIS) streamlines the workflows in radiology departments. It handles scheduling, image tracking, and report creation, thus facilitating the efficient management of imaging data and aiding in precise diagnoses and effective patient care.

Young pharmacist checking medicine stock in pharmacy

Inventory Management System (IMS)

Inventory Management System (IMS) is crucial for streamlining clinic operations. It ensures the efficient tracking and management of medical supplies, reducing shortages and wastage. This allows your clinic to provide seamless care, maintain cost-effectiveness, and enhance patient satisfaction.

Female surgeon and assistant, professional surgery

Operation Theater

Streamlining surgical procedures, our Operation Theater Module facilitates effortless scheduling, patient tracking, and resource management, leading to superior patient care and operational efficiency.


HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll module is a comprehensive solution designed to handle all aspects of clinic staff management and compensation. It facilitates efficient staff scheduling, tracks employee performance, and ensures timely, accurate payroll processing.

Young woman working in modern laboratory and using analyzer

Lab Machines Integration

Lab Machines Integration enables bi-directional data exchange via HL7 between the clinic system and various lab machines, including biochemistry analyzers, hematology analyzers, and immunoassay analyzers. This automation enhances accuracy, speeds up diagnostics, and elevates patient care.

businessman working in office with using calculator and laptop

Financial Accounting Integration

Integration with Financial Accounting Software such as QuickBooks, Sage etc. ensures seamless, automated data exchange, enhancing financial accounting capabilities and enabling accurate, timely financial reporting and decision-making within the clinic.



Telehealth capabilities in our clinic management software allow healthcare providers to conduct virtual patient consultations, improving access to care, saving time, and enabling treatment continuity, particularly beneficial in remote areas or situations of physical distancing.

Woman using smartphone working with various applications

Patient Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

Patient Mobile Apps for iOS and Android enable patients to easily access their health information, book appointments, and securely communicate with healthcare providers, promoting patient engagement and convenience.

Senior couple with laptop at home

Patient Web Portal

Patient Web Portal offers patients secure online access to their health records, appointment scheduling capabilities, and direct communication with healthcare professionals, enhancing patient engagement and healthcare delivery efficiency.

Senior doctor using smartphone and remote telehealth medical app

Doctor Mobile Apps

Doctor Mobile Apps facilitate immediate access to patient data, aid in appointment management, and enhance patient-doctor communication, all in the palm of a doctor's hand.

Here’s how eClinic Systems delivers results

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Customized dashboards and business analytics to track and manage your costs, utilization, and outcomes.

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Utilize customized dashboards for precise tracking and management of costs, utilization, and outcomes, enhancing overall business efficiency.

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Analyzing data to discover the most efficient methods to enhance the quality of patient care.

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We transform your data into a single, consolidated workflow for health care teams, integrating with the population health platform to eliminate swiveling among systems.


About Us

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Adroit Infosystems is a South Jordan, Utah, USA-based healthcare software company that develops and provides world-class healthcare software products, including eHospital, eClinic, ePharmacy, eLaboratory, and eRadiology Systems. Adroit's support services help clients to render complete satisfaction using round-the-clock multichannel support.

Learn how we can help you get better results for your medical clinic.

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